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How Do I Cancel?

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Are you having login problems? Please contact us! We can almost always fix your problem very easily and quickly. If you've experienced any other problem with our site, we can usually fix that for you too! Let us know so we can resolve that for you.


If you would still like to cancel your membership, you have 3 options:  
1) Select the biller that you joined through below and cancel using self-service form. (This information is on your confirmation email. If you've lost that, you are likely billing through Netbilling.)
2) Contact us for assistance.
3) Contact the biller (contact info below).


Please tell us why you are cancelling. We strive to provide the best service and sites around. If you are not happy or have had a problem, please let us know so that we can assist and improve for the future.

Our Billing Sites:

(billing descriptor: or BMCG/YAN)
Netbilling Cancel
US Toll Free: 866-872-1739
US or International: 1-661-705-8486      
(billing descriptor: *Stripemedi)
Epoch Cancel
US Toll Free: 800-893-8871 
US or International: 1-310-664-5810      
(billing descriptor: SEGPAY.COM*

SegPay Cancel
US Toll Free: 866-450-4000
US or International: +1-954-414-1610      

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